Why we developed our Workplace Communication Groups

 We continually listen to our clients and their families and adjust our programs to support the needs we hear about. In the past few years, job training programs have sprung up across the state of Ohio for kids with special needs, These programs have many benefits but several of our clients began to tell us about negative experiences. We discovered there is often not enough communication preparation prior to these young people are entering interview and work environments with new communication demands.


When we heard a parent describe her son, usually a happy go lucky guy, leaving a job interview in tears we knew we needed to help. For this client, the answer was programming his answers to common interview questions on his AAC device for him. Each client has different needs and we are here to meet those needs and prepare them for a successful transition into the workforce. The key is addressing communication needs before students begin interviewing for jobs. SpeechPath Ohio completes a thorough inventory of a student’s communication strengths and weaknesses and develops goals in cooperation with clients and their families. We practice mock interviews, teach social skills needed to communicate with employers, customers and co-workers and reinforce organizational strategies to increase independence. If you know a middle school student, high school student or young adult who has goals of gainful employment, be sure their communication abilities are addressed so they are ready to succeed. Need help? SpeechPath Ohio is with you every step of the way.