Who We Are

We are a culture of expert speech language pathologists who go above and beyond therapy to help people achieve the power of communication and quality of life they want.

For people who want help with a speech or swallowing dysfunction, SpeechPath Ohio connects them to a team of expert speech therapists with more experience, specialties, and locations than any other private practice in Ohio.

SpeechPath Ohio is the leading provider of speech therapy in Ohio, featuring an extensive team of specialized speech language pathologists who will guide you successfully through your therapeutic journey. With clinics located in Worthington and Lancaster and contract availability across the state, SpeechPath Ohio is ready to lead you on the path to an improved quality of life.Our Team


Cindy Vaughn and Kwyn Moffitt met in 1995 when Kwyn joined the Cincinnati, Ohio private practice where Cindy was working. Over the next decade, they worked together in multiple professional settings in Cincinnati and developed a deep respect for each other’s clinical abilities and ethical standards. After both of their families returned to their Central Ohio roots, Kwyn and Cindy again joined forces working in adult neurological rehabilitation. In 2008, with 30 years of combined experience in the field, they founded The Speech Language Path, LLC. Their vision was to develop a practice devoted exclusively to speech language pathology where therapists could focus on their passion for communication, unhindered by bureaucracy, creating the optimum treatment experience for their clients. After five years, The Speech Language Path had grown to a group of 20 speech language pathologists, with outpatient services at two clinic locations and providing contract speech therapy services across 12 counties in Ohio. In 2013, The Speech Language Path opened a new chapter in their professional history, operating their outpatient clinics and contract agency services under the name SpeechPath Ohio, a name that more clearly reflects the mission and scope of the practice.

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